Saturday, September 27, 2008

Riet's 70th BIrthday

OK, I'm a bit tardy getting this entered, but recuperating from a vacation with Riet is required. The 16th was Riet's 70th birthday, and the family decided it was time for a surprise birthday party. It started on Thursday, the 11th, when we drove out of Sacramento for Dell's ranch near Ely, Nevada. Riet thought we were entertaining Dell, but we were really occupying her so the rest of her family could set up the surprise. We had a great time at Dell's. We fished for the 6 ft. sturgeon, shot a few rounds with rifle and pistol, hunted for arrow heads, and swam in a beautiful natural warm spring. We had to keep her busy until Saturday noon, when we drove from Ely to Logandale. At Dell's house in Logandale, the ruse was that we were to meet Annetta and Maria in Mesquite for a family dinner. We actually ended up at the refurbished school in Logandae where at least a hundred of Riet's family and friends surprised her with a BBQ and socializing. She made me promise never to do it again - oh yeah.

On her birthday, we took off for Grand Canyon West (that's the indian's special skywalk over the canyon). We did the skywalk (interesting, but not as scary as I'd anticipated), walked their canyon rim, and took a helicopter ride down into the canyon. It was all pricey, but worth it for a one time experience. we drove home to Dell's that night after a loooong day.

We drove to LA to be with Maria for a couple of days, and then took the coast road back for home. Along trip, but it was really fun to totally surprise my wonderful wife.
After we arrived home Jacki & Juli came over with their families to with my bride a very happy birthday. I think Riet felt loved and cared for.
Obviously, I'm having trouble getting the pics with the verbage. This is a learning experience for us seniors. Anyway from top to bottom. Our Copter, Riet at an overlook at Grand Canyon West, a shot as we left the bottom of the canyon in th e copter, a shot from the bottom on the river, Riet with 3 of 4 kids, a shot as we fly out of the canyon, Riet and her best friend, and Riet with ther sisters. I sure hope I get better at this as it's been a tedious process this morning. Anyway, thansk for keeping us in mind - I'm out of mine.

Friday, August 29, 2008

OK, so I beat Jennifer in getting an update put into our BLOG.

We just got back from Denver and SLC, where we atttended Bodie's blessing. What a neat experience. We took Mom with us afterwards to Denver for Jill's Baby Brett's wedding in a beautiful mountain setting. We took in a few of the sights like Rocky Mountain National Park and Colorado Springs. I've included a pic of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

On the way home from Denver, we took a detour (spelled 3-4 hours) to see Martin Cove and the Willie handcart memorial. It really was impressive. If you decide you'd like to experience a handcart yourself, they have some to let you take a mile or so spin. "Unfotrunately" we couldn't experiment as we had MOM with us and I couldn't pull a handcart with both Riet and MOM on it. All in all a very impressive experience (of course, all of the Church sites are really well done). Mom had friends who were serving a mission there, but they were out when we called -- oh shucks!!!
The picture is of Devil's Gate.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our first blog!

Yep. This is our blog. It's still under construction, but will be up and running soon!